Felted AirPods case


CHF 40.00

The felted AirPods case is made out of felted wool offcuts. Its bulky shape protects your AirPods and makes them recognizable among others. Each piece is unique so pattern and colors might change slightly.

  • Remove food stains by scraping.
  • Wipe off spills immediately.
  • Let air-dry if moist or wet.
  • Spot clean if needed.

Cleaning in the washing machine is not recommended because the product might shrink and deform and the natural fat content (lanolin) would be affected.

100% hand felted wool.
Our wool comes from Swiss spinning mills valorizing local wool. It is then felted by hand in the studio. Marbled felts are obtained by mixing two different colors of dyed and undyed carded wool.

  • Closes with a snap
  • Minimal design with outside seams
  • Bulky and soft