Care Guide

Remo’s pieces are meant to be enjoyed and kept for a lifetime. Here are some tips to help you take the best care of your pieces. 


Clean quilted cotton pieces can ​simply be folded. As wool is a favorite of moths, it requires a little more attention. Store wool pieces clean in a dry place. Put lavender drops on cotton balls and nestle them into the wool to repel the moths.

Return & Recycle

If you no longer want your piece, you can return it to us. We will recycle the materials separately or reuse the textiles into new pieces. We take care of the shipping fees and you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Quilted Cotton

Remo’s quilted cotton is made only from natural fibers: cotton and wool. It is light to wear but warm and soft. It is manufactured in Switzerland. The organic double woven cotton fabric is GOTS certified and sourced in Germany. The Lavalan® filling is completely made from renewable raw materials: European sourced virgin wool and a corn based synthetic fiber called polylactic acid (PLA). Lavalan® wool insulation comes from Germany and is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Wash on a gentle wool cycle (20°C) or hand wash using a wool / natural detergent
  • Avoid using softener and bleachers
  • Wash light and dark colors separately
  • Hang-dry to preserve fibers and color, do not tumble dry
  • Wipe off spills immediately
  • Let air-dry if moist or wet 

    Felted Wool

    Part of the wool used by Remo is collected directly among Swiss farmers, transformed in local spinning mills and hand-felt in the studio with the help of the Gentle Roller felting machine.

    Wool is a local and undervalorized resource in Switzerland, where lots of farmers raise sheep. Swiss farmers did not generate a revenue from the wool and therefore burnt it, while nowadays it is used as an isolation material.

    Remo believes in using what is around, local or underused resources. Wool has amazing properties. It is natural, sustainable and long-lasting, breathable, windbreaker, it protects from cold, insulates heat and naturally repels dirt and water.

    By nature, wool is stain-, odor- and wrinkle-resistant and requires little maintenance. 

    Felted wool pieces, worn on the skin can be hand-washed if needed.

    • Wipe off spills immediately.
    • Remove food stains by scraping. 
    • Let air-dry if moist or wet.
    • Give your piece some fresh air now and then, hanging it outside.
    • Clean your piece under the shower or above the bath using a soft brush with shampoo / wool detergent (to keep the natural fat content of the wool unchanged.)
    • Do not let it soak for long periods of time.
    • Rinse off the soapy water, place it plain on a towel and leave it to dry.
    • You can use a steam iron at low temperature afterwards, it will smooth the surface of the felt.

      Cleaning in the washing machine is not recommended because the product might shrink and deform and the natural fat content (lanolin) would be affected. The lanolin in the wool works as a natural stain protector. It prevents the penetration of dirt and liquids are absorbed very slowly.

      Dry-cleaning is not recommended because of the use of toxic solvent such as perchloroethylene. A natural alternative for dry-cleaning is to blot the stain with sparkling water using an absorbent cloth.